Multi-Family Housing Services

We offer a wide range of services for Multi-Family Property Management companies looking to invest in new or existing properties. These include:

- Re-branding, new property themes

- Architecture/Interior Design services 

- Clubhouse, model re-designs

- New construction design services

- Design concepts, finish selections

Our Owner/Principle, Gretchen Knoblock, has 17 years of experience in Multi-Family Housing as a leasing agent, site Manager and national Marketing Director. That coupled with her Interior Design degree and knowledge provide her with unmatched skills in understanding the apartment industry and creating effective property marketing strategies through interior design.

Our Architect is Colleen P. Shannon, who has a Master's degree in architecture. With 25+ years in the field, extensive commercial architecture experience and her creative gifts, she is a formidable asset to the design team

Please contact us to discuss your project. We'd love to hear from you!

Please browse our galleries below, showcasing project Before/After, model apartment re-designs, property re-branding concepts and clubhouse/leasing center remodels.